Special D'Or

Special D'Or shampoo and mask repair contain 10 exclusive oils to restore dry and damaged hair. Argan oil restores and gives shine while the pomade is a great finishing product and highly durable.

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Beox Special D’Or Argan Oil 90ml

Beox Special D’Or Argan Oil 90ML


Special D’Or Argan Oil is considered a Moroccan treasure, it is a unique product, containing high concentrations of argan oil, extracted from kernels of the Argan tree. It has antioxidant properties which give intense shine to hair, restoring it deeply. It is enriched with Vitamin E and is easily absorbed into the hair shaft, forming a delicate protective film without leaving any residue. It aligns the hair, recuperates the hair fibers, repairs split ends and intensifies colour, protecting and restoring damaged hair.

Beox Special D’Or Intense Mask Repair 250g and Shampoo Repair 300ML with 10 Exclusive Oils

Beox Special D’Or Intense Mask Repair 250g and Shampoo Repair 300ML with 10 Exclusive Oils


Treatment designed with 10 exclusive oils, it deeply treats dry and damaged hair. It repairs split ends, revitalises, rejuvenates and adds shine to well-treated hair.
This duo packs’ unique formula has been designed with the Cast Guard System compound. It is rich in nourishing vitamins, proteins, and oils with emollient properties that get inside the capillary fibre. These will promote absolute repair and restore elasticity to the hair. It will repair your hair by recovering strength, shine, and smoothness. It will eliminate frizz, making your hair smoother, shinier and more manageable.

Active Ingredients
• Inca
• Hazelnut
• Cotton
• Andiroba
• Macadamia
• Argan
• Pracaxi
• Buriti
• Moring
• Ojon

beox special d'or moulding pomade 50g

Beox Special D’Or Molding Pomade 50g


Moulding Pomade finished off any hairstyle with dry effect and long-lasting durability. Its formulation is non-greasy and preserves the shape of the hair even in humid environments. It adds intense shine to the hair.

Useful Tip:

Mix Moulding Pomade with Argan Oil in palms of your hands to create serum with a light hold. Apply to wet or dry hair.